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Forever Hardware Contemporary Gate Hardware Kits are perfect for wood doors, gates, and carriage doors. These gate kits include hinges, thumb latches, drop bars and optional stops. All functional gate hardware can be purchased separately as needed. A living patina finish, the metallic bronze hardware darkens to an old-penny brown then eventually to a greenish/blue patina when exposed to the elements.

Forever Hardware Finishes & Lead Times

Forever Hardware - Finishes

All of these architectural hardware items are available in 4 finishes: Champagne, Espresso, Midnight & Platinum. Each one fits a different personality and home, bringing a sense of cohesiveness and continuity to your design.

Forever Hardware - Finishes

About Forever Hardware

Forever Hardware - Handmade Solid Bronze Door, Gate & Cabinet Hardware

Timeless yet contemporary - Handmade Solid Bronze Door, Gate & Cabinet Hardware

Everything from Forever Hardware is made with the greatest care & premium materials. Each piece is hand-poured and individually made for the best precision and functionality.

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