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Shutter Dogs, Hold-Opens, Stays & Tiebacks

Shutter Dogs, also referred to as Hold-Opens, Shutter Stays, Shutter Tiebacks or Shutter Hold Backs, are sold in pairs and are the perfect functional shutter accent with reliable durablity and corrosion resistance.

An additional hold open option for your shutters is too use shutter catches which hold the shutter open on the backside so it is not viewable; also known as a hidden stay.

Featured Shutter Dogs

Window & Shutter Hardware by Brand:

  • Coastal Bronze Shutter Hardware
  • Deltana Window Hardware
  • Lynn Cove Foundry Shutter Hardware
  • John Wright - Cast Iron Shutter Hardware
  • Martell Supply Shutter Hardware
  • Seaside Shutters Brass Shutter Hardware