Exterior Gate Turn Latch Sets

Turn Latches

Exterior Gate Turn Latch Sets are perfect for doors, gates, garage doors, trash enclosures and carriage doors that have wide stiles or utilize a mid or center rail. The drop bar is normally connected directly to the ring, knob or lever and is disengaged from the strike when a user turns it. Spindle Turn Latch Sets are spring loaded or rely on gravity and some can be configured with any style knob, ring or lever while others are sold as single sets.

Looking for a combination of hinges and latches bundled together? See our gate hardware kits that include much, if not all, of what you need for one click purchasing. A functional gate adds beauty and privacy to your backyard or driveway project. Please do not hesitate to contact us to determine best options for your specific scenario. Happy to help!

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Gate Hardware by Brand:

  • Acorn Manufacturing Gate Hardware
  • Coastal Bronze Gate Hardware
  • Forever Hardware Gate Hardware
  • Iron Valley Gate Hardware
  • LockeyUSA - Keyless Locks & Gate Hardware
  • Lynn Cove Foundry Gate Hardware
  • Martell Supply Gate Hardware
  • Martell Supply Gate Hardware
  • PBB Architectural Gate Hinges
  • Snug Cottage Gate Hardware
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