Martell Supply [SB-12-03UN] Solid Brass Shutter Bower - Polished Brass (Unlacquered) Finish - Set - 12" L

Martell Supply [SB-12-03UN] Solid Brass Shutter Bower - Polished Brass (Unlacquered) Finish - Set - 12" L

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Product Details

  • Product Type:Shutter Stay
  • Manufacturer:Martell Supply
  • MPN:MS-SB-12-03UN
  • Style:Fastener/Stay
  • Metal:Brass
  • Size:12" L Brace Rod
  • Color:Polished Brass (Unlacquered)
  • Finish:Powder Coat

Solid Brass Shutter Bower/Stay

This solid brass shutter bower is uniquely designed to secure a shutter closed or positioned open in fixed increments. A full set includes a brace rod & bracket, sill plate, cradle, thimble catch and cup catch which is good for one shutter.

With exception to the cup catch (a Martell original addition) and minor fabrication changes, this shutter fastener/stay is a modern day recreation of the Zimmerman Shutter Fastener which can be found in some manner or fashion on installation's as early as 1860. A patent application in 1875 was originally designed by George & Charles Zimmerman of Frederick, MD. A subsequent patent submission in 1907 included improvements to the bracket brace and a clever catch design for cradling the brace rod and securing it to the sill plate via one hinged piece.

Shutter Bowers were primarily used in larger homes, built throughout the 1860's to the 1930's, with working shutters. These style shutter fastener's were specifically used to control air flow and light with the ease of opening and closing shutters from the inside and offering multiple fixed open positions.

In addition to their all brass base metal fabrication for years of performance and corrosion resistance, this new and improved version includes updates to the brace bracket and rod. A swivel knuckle connection allows a set to be reversible (non-handed) and accounts for uneven surfaces for the rod to install correctly into the sill plate, thimble catch and new cup catch. The cup catch addition accounts for the meshing of new and old construction where, due to physics or a storm window/screen, a flat mounting surface is not available on the outer sill. The cup catch installs onto the face/edge of the outer still providing a spot for the brace rod to secure the shutter open.

Combine this shutter bower with Martell Supply Parliament Lift Off Hinges to achieve an authentic historical shutter installation. Be it a functional or "non-functional" shutter install, the combination of solid brass and stainless steel will ensure your installation remains beautiful, functional and historically accurate for many years to come.

  • Shutter Bower/Stay - 12" Brace Rod
  • Solid Brass - Polished Brass (Unlacquered) Finish - 6-8 week lead time
  • Set is reversible - Non-handed
  • Sold As Set - Use with one (1) shutter - Typically 2 sets per window
  • Fasteners: #10 x 1" Slotted 18/8 Stainless

Martell Supply SB-12 Shutter Bower Specifications:

Martell Supply SB-12 Shutter Bower

Martell Supply [SB-12-03UN] Shutter Bower/Stay:

Martell Supply [SB-12-03UN] Shutter Bower/Stay

Typical Installation:

Martell Supply Shutter Hardware Installation

Martell Supply Shutter Hardware Installation

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