Trellis Driveway Gate featuring Snug Cottage Hardware

A Trellis Driveway Gate creates a welcoming presence featuring Signature Series Gate Hardware by Snug Cottage Hardware. Spanning approximately 8', this double arched gate entrance are hung using old fashioned heavy duty stainless steel strap hinges, cane bolts and is secured closed with a twisted ring turn latch.

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Trellis Driveway Gate featuring Snug Cottage Hardware

Snug Cottage Hardware used for this installation:

Snug Cottage Hardware is known industry wide for superior quality exterior gate hardware that you can depend on. Please do not hesitate to contact us to determine best options for your specific scenario. Happy to help!

About Snug Cottage Hardware

Snug Cottage - Exterior Door & Gate Hardware

Snug Cottage Hardware manufactures durable, high-quality exterior door & gate hardware in both traditional and contemporary design styles including all the necessary hardware accessories needed for a complete functional installation.

Through their many years of experience and commitment to both quality and value, they have refined their selection of base metals and developed a superior metal finishing process to ensure their products endure the outdoor environment.

A family owned company with over twenty-five years of experience and a strong committment to customer relationships, Snug Cottage helps you produce and install better gate and door systems that look great and function effectively for years!

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