Lynn Cove Foundry T-Style Center / Mid-Range Shutter Hinges

These T-Style Center / Mid-Range Shutter Straps by Lynn Cove Foundry are available in multiple offsets to accommodate all types of mounting scenarios. Also referred to as a Center Hinge or Mid Range Hinge, these are typically used in conjunction with longer straps. Placed on the midline of a shutter when a horizontal rail is not available for a strap hinge of any length. Used mostly for additional load bearance or swing integrity on larger shutters. Material options include stainless steel and galvanized steel.

Specifications - Hinge Offset is the measurement from the hinge back to the middle of the hinge knuckle. Refer to the individual diagrams for each item for overall dimensions.

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About Lynn Cove Foundry & Forge

Lynn Cove Foundry - Shutter, Gate & Garage Door Hardware

Lynn Cove Foundry and Forge takes a modern approach to traditional hardware. We focus on durability and corrosion resistance in Shutter Hardware, Gate/Door Hardware Accessories and Garage Door Hardware. We use environmentally friendly manufacturing, while also improving product durability and longevity.

We make better products by using only carefully selected metal alloys, whether that be in stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel. Anodizing and galvanizing is done on all appropriate metals, along with proprietary pretreatment techniques to ensure corrosion resistance.

Combined with our use of recycled aluminum, steel and brass, Lynn Cove hardware is the best option for a look that will last.

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