Tremont Nail [CL4] Steel Slating Cut Nail - Standard Finish - 4D - 1 1/2" L - 1 lb. Box

Tremont Nail [CL4] Steel Slating Cut Nail - Standard Finish - 4D - 1 1/2" L - 1 lb. Box
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Product Details

  • Product Type:Cut Nail
  • Manufacturer:Tremont Nail Company
  • MPN:CL4
  • Style:Slating
  • Metal:Steel
  • Size:4D, 1 1/2" L
  • Finish:Standard

Slating Cut Nail

  • Steel Cut Nail - Slating - 4D - 1 1/2" L
  • Standard Finish
  • 1 lb. Box - Approx. 142 per .lb
  • Used to fasten slate roofing and has a larger head than most cut nails
  • Can be used in any application where a larger head is desired
  • Proudly made in the USA

All Tremont nails are made on original 19th century and early 20th century nail machines, this may lead to variation in head shape and slight differences in nail length. This variation is accepted as standard in the industry.

Tremont Nail [CL4] Slating Cut Nail:

Tremont Nail [CL4] Slating Cut Nail

Tremont Nail Cut Spike Nail Usage Suggestion:

Tremont Nail Usage Suggestion

Suggested Cut Nail Installation

Cut Nail Installation

About Tremont Nail Company

Tremont Nail Company - USA Made Builder's Historic Fasteners & Cut Nails

The Tremont Nail Company specializes in designing and crafting beautiful pieces that stand the test of time.

Time tested for over 200 years. As America's oldest nail manufacturer, they are in a position to offer the older patterns of cut nails appropriate to the period of restoration being undertaken. In addition to a variety of styles of nails, information can be provided to help the restorer in determining authenticity in the project.

Cut nails possess great durability. They are hard to pull out because the wood fibers are pushed downward and wedge against the nails, thus greatly reducing loosening. Once you have used them, you will prefer them for all kinds of work.

View more USA Made Builder's Historic Fasteners & Cut Nails.

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