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Brandywine Forge [801-O-825] Steel Shutter Dog - Side-Mount / Offset - English Rattail - Dummy Mount - 6 1/2" H - Flat Black - Pair

Brandywine Forge [801-O-825] Steel Shutter Dog - Side-Mount / Offset -  English Rattail - Dummy Mount - 6 1/2" H - Flat Black - Pair
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Product Details

  • Product Type:Shutter Stay
  • Manufacturer:Brandywine Forge
  • MPN:801-O-825
  • Style:Side-Mount / Offset / Dummy Mount
  • Metal:Steel
  • Size:6 1/2" H x 3" W, 3/4" x 2" Mount
  • Color:Flat Black
  • Finish:Powder Coat
  • Use With:1 Window/2 Shutters

USA Made Functional Shutter Hold-Open

Hand-forged in historic Chester County, PA., by blacksmiths with decades of experience reproducing period shutter hardware in the manner of the originals.

  • Steel Shutter Dog - Side-Mount / Offset - Dummy Mount
  • English Rattail Design
  • Steel, Flat Black Powder Coat for corrosion resistance
  • 6 1/2" H x 3" W, 3/4" x 2" Mount
  • Sold As Pair - Good for 1 Window/2 Shutters
  • Fasteners included for installation

About The Design

There are quite a few early examples of the English Rattail offset shutter tieback. Those that we've seen are rather clumsy and awkward forgings that incorporate a 90° bend at the fastener hole. Our offset is unique in that we decided to roll the tail to the side rather than the front. The edge of the rattail protrudes beyond the width of the body and holds the shutter from the edge.

It's a simple solution that works.

825 Dummy Mount Option

Brandywine Forge Dummy Mount Tieback Bracket

A Brandywine Forge Exclusive; Our "dummy mounts" are unique and designed specifically for non-functional shutters. Why drill holes in the building to mount tie-backs that don't really hold the shutters open? "Dummies" allow any of our tiebacks to easily fasten onto the shutter that's already mounted to the home. They can be positioned to allow any tie-back to mount on the bottom or side of any non-functional shutter - wood or plastic.

Side Mount/ Offset Configuration

Side-Mount shutter dogs were not uncommon on historic installations. Brandywine Forge Side Mount / Offset Shutter Dogs provide a means to hold the shutter open by mounting at the side of the shutter rather than the bottom. They were often used on shuttered doors. The shutters ran the full height of the door and down close to the porch deck which left little to no room under the shutter, these side mount dogs mounted at the mid-height and resolved the height under issue.

The same issue is found on some second story shutters - a pent roof would often run right to the bottom of the shutters. Again, just move the tie-backs to the sides!

Another advantage of the side-mount shutter dogs is that they anchor the shutter in the middle, lessening the stress applied to the fastener when the full height of the shutter could apply leverage.

But sometimes it's just fun to put nice hardware up closer to eye level - it will get noticed.

Most items ship within 10-15 business days. However, due to the handmade nature of this item, a 8-10 business week lead time may be required before shipment for orders requiring fabrication (End of year lead time is 10-12 business weeks due to holiday delays and logistic congestion). We will clearly communicate any lead time requirements upon order processing or you may contact us for availability and estimated ship date.

About Brandywine Forge

Brandywine Forge - USA Made Barn, Door & Shutter Hardware

American blacksmiths making the finest exterior barn, door & shutter hardware. Located in historic Chester County, PA., we're blacksmiths with decades of experience reproducing hardware in the manner of the originals.

Our hand forged hardware is inspired by the best original examples from American homes. All of our hardware is based on historic examples that have stood the test of time... we've seen what works, and we've seen a lot of hardware that has failed.

Brandywine Forge Hardware represents good value. Pick up any piece of Brandywine Forge hardware and the weight tells the story - for strength and durability there's no substitute for starting with heavy material. Rust isn't rustic so all of our hardware is protected with the same semi-gloss black automotive finish that's used to protect under-car parts like motor skid plates and trailer hitches.

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