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Forged 3 Series Decorative Hardware Suite

Forged 3 Series

The Forged 3 Series Decorative Hardware Suite by Du Verre includes appliance pulls, oversized & standard size pull handles and 3 styles of knobs. With 3 finishes available, this hand forged style suite features pulls and knobs with ruffled textured patterns.

Original cabinet hardware designed by the great metal smith, Heinz Pfleger. The Forged 3 Series is an instant classic. Textured and retaining the qualities of the original forged pieces, this series is at home in a broad cross-section of interior styles. Forged 3 will enhance your kitchen, bath and fine furniture. LEED compatible, our hardware is made from environmentally friendly recycled aluminum for a softer impact on our planet.

Decorative Hardware in 3 Finishes:

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Drawn to makers and artists, Du Verre Hardware, has made a career of collaborating with talented craftspeople, designers and visionaries to produce original artifacts for the home and workplace.

Du Verre manufactures its hardware using post-consumer recycled aluminum. Using post-consumer recycled aluminum reduces the generation of air and water pollution by 95% and requires only 5% of the energy that would otherwise be used in production of new metals. In addition, manufacturing this way generates a small fraction of the greenhouse gasses normally expelled in this process.

By specifying Du Verre Hardware you are supporting LEED objectives. View more Decorative Hardware from Du Verre.

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