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Brandywine Forge [705-W-24-N-R] Steel Shutter Strap Hinge - Storm Series - Notched Pin - Right Mount - Flat Black - 2" W x 24" L - 0 Standoff - Pair

Brandywine Forge [705-W-24-N-R] Steel Shutter Strap Hinge - Storm Series - Notched Pin - Right Mount - Flat Black - 2" W x 24" L - 0 Standoff - Pair
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Product Details

  • Product Type:Shutter Strap Hinge
  • Manufacturer:Brandywine Forge
  • MPN:705-W-24-N-R
  • Style:Storm Series
  • Metal:Steel
  • Size:2" W x 24" L, 3/16" Thick, 0 Standoff, 1/2" Dia. Pin
  • Color:Flat Black
  • Finish:Powder Coat
  • Use With:1/2" Dia. Female Pintle

USA Made Functional Shutter Strap Hinge

Hand-forged in historic Chester County, PA., by blacksmiths with decades of experience reproducing period shutter hardware in the manner of the originals.

  • Storm Series Notched Pin Functional Shutter Strap Hinge
  • Right Mount
  • Steel, Flat Black Powder Coat for corrosion resistance
  • 2" W x 24" L, 3/16" Thick - Length is measured from bend to tip
  • 1/2" Dia. Pintle Pin
  • 0 Standoff - Measured from hinge back to the middle of the hinge knuckle
  • Use with 307 Notched Female Pintles or 309 Female T Pintles
  • Sold As Pair - Hangs one (1) shutter
  • Fasteners included for installation

About The Design

The 705 storm series shutter strap hinge was the first attempt to produce an inexpensive but functional and durable shutter hinge. It's just a straight, flat steel bar. Rolled, punched and offset to function as a strap hinge; the storm strap is a more durable and functional solution than a light-weight cut-out hinge in the same price range.

You'll find countless examples in Germany and even more in France and Italy. So the hinge is actually European in origin - which comes as no surprise - and it's very comfortable on homes of continental design. The hinge lends itself to additional detailing from which a rather elegant application often results.

Notched Pin Series

A hinge and pintle of equal width can be notched at the mid-line where the barrel is applied. A pin is welded into the hinge barrel which mates with the female pintle. This results in a very nice installation where the hinge and pintle are of the same width - eliminating the need for room below the bottom hinge and the window sill for pintle mounting.

We've seen a few examples of this type of hinge and pintle dating from the early 1800's, but they became universally popular shortly after the civil war through the early 1900's.

With original installations you'll find the original pintles still intact on the building. They're female cups about 1" deep that protrude from between the structure and the edge of the window. Our notched hinges have an attached 1/2" diameter pin that mates with most of the original pintles. In any event, they're a very nice option that’s easy to install - one of our favorite approaches!

What is Standoff?

There are two schools of thought on a technical specification:

  • Hinge Standoff is the measurement from the hinge back to the middle of the hinge knuckle.
  • Pintle Standoff is the measurement from the plate back to the middle of the pintle barrel.
  • These two measurements when combined create the Offset
  • Other manufacturers and suppliers substitute standoff with offset. Either term aside, the hinge and pintle, when installed, combine to hang your open shutter clear of the window jamb and surface of the building.

Most items ship within 10-15 business days. However, due to the handmade nature of this item, a 8-10 business week lead time may be required before shipment for orders requiring fabrication (End of year lead time is 10-12 business weeks due to holiday delays and logistic congestion). We will clearly communicate any lead time requirements upon order processing or you may contact us for availability and estimated ship date.

About Brandywine Forge

Brandywine Forge - USA Made Barn, Door & Shutter Hardware

American blacksmiths making the finest exterior barn, door & shutter hardware. Located in historic Chester County, PA., we're blacksmiths with decades of experience reproducing hardware in the manner of the originals.

Our hand forged hardware is inspired by the best original examples from American homes. All of our hardware is based on historic examples that have stood the test of time... we've seen what works, and we've seen a lot of hardware that has failed.

Brandywine Forge Hardware represents good value. Pick up any piece of Brandywine Forge hardware and the weight tells the story - for strength and durability there's no substitute for starting with heavy material. Rust isn't rustic so all of our hardware is protected with the same semi-gloss black automotive finish that's used to protect under-car parts like motor skid plates and trailer hitches.

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