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Brandywine Forge Female Shutter Pintles

Brandywine Forge Female Shutter Pintles are designed to mate with our notched male hinges. The pintles accept a 1/2" dia. pin and are great for masonry installations or on windows with narrow or flush casings. Easy to install!

  • 307 Notched Female - Great choice for masonry installations. Left or Right mount. Can be configured so that the shutter lays nearly flat against the building with the pintle plate hidden behind the open shutter.
  • 309 Female T - Allows notched male hinges to be installed on windows with narrow or flush casings.

About Brandywine Forge

Brandywine Forge - USA Made Barn, Door & Shutter Hardware

American blacksmiths making the finest exterior barn, door & shutter hardware. Located in historic Chester County, PA., we're blacksmiths with decades of experience reproducing hardware in the manner of the originals.

Our hand forged hardware is inspired by the best original examples from American homes. All of our hardware is based on historic examples that have stood the test of time... we've seen what works, and we've seen a lot of hardware that has failed.

Brandywine Forge Hardware represents good value. Pick up any piece of Brandywine Forge hardware and the weight tells the story - for strength and durability there's no substitute for starting with heavy material. Rust isn't rustic so all of our hardware is protected with the same semi-gloss black automotive finish that's used to protect under-car parts like motor skid plates and trailer hitches.

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