Agave Ironworks 6' Long Wrought Iron Barn Door Hardware Kits

6' Long Wrought Iron Flat Track Barn Door Hardware Kits from Agave Ironworks include all necessary components to hang 1 barn door. The Barn Door Track Kits are available in multiple lengths to accommodate specific door or opening widths. Tracks are capable of hanging multiple barn doors, additional components for the doors will be needed and are available for separate purchase.

Saving you time & money is the name of the game with these ready to ship wrought iron barn door hardware kits!

Barn Door Hardware Breakdowns:

Click a thumbnail below to view a project overview of the barn door hardware used for the installation. A great starting point for gathering ideas and understanding what hardware is used and why.


Flat Track Hardware systems can fail, causing serious injury or even death if not installed properly. Flat Track Hardware should be installed and connected through the drywall (or other wall surface) to inner wood framing, beams, headers, and/or other structural parts of the building. Exception: May be installed to outer wood beams, headers, etc. that are part of the existing structure or are securely fastened to inner structural parts.

DO NOT install Flat Track Hardware solely on drywall or other wallboard surface as these surfaces will not support the Track. Every Track mounting screw used in the installation process needs to be securely fastened into a structural surface.

If you have any questions about ensuring a safe installation, we suggest you consult with a local professional capable of providing an onsite inspection/review prior to installation or contracted to install for you.

Customizing & Options:

  • If stock specifications will not work, customizing the track hardware to meet your specifications is available. Please have all dimensions and specifications prepared for all components prior to contacting us for custom options. All custom work is subject to lead times, estimated pricing and are non-returnable.
  • All components are available for separate purchase, see related items below.
  • Track splicer available when track lengths greater than 8' are required.

Available Barn Door Hardware Finish Colors

Agave Ironworks Barn Door Hardware Finishes

The colors will vary based on your monitor settings and screen type. It is common to see hardware repainted, updated with a faux finish or patina over the powder coat to match existing hardware.

02 - Rustic Brown, 03 - Rustic Red, 05 - Corvette Yellow, 06 - Ferrari Red, 08 - Brilliant White, 08 - Faux Stainless & 09 - Industrial (Smooth Only) finish require a minimum 3-5 week lead time for delivery.

About Agave Ironworks

Agave Ironworks - Distinctive Rustic Iron Decor & Hardware

Located in San Diego, California and Tecate, B.C., Mexico, Agave Ironworks' mission is to create and provide the most authentic rustic wrought iron hardware available, staying true to the hacienda tradition.

Agave Ironworks pays meticulous attention to the texture, depth and beauty of the timeless style of a classic Tuscan Villa or Spanish Hacienda.

The distinctive feeling of the hacienda lifestyle will embrace you as you see and touch an Agave Ironworks creation. You will find quality handcrafted hardware that has been created by the sensitive hearts and hands of Hispanic master craftsman, leaving a lasting impression and adding to the beauty of your home.

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