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Brandywine Forge [802] Steel Shutter Dog - Soldier - Lag Mount - 6 1/2" H - Flat Black - Pair

Brandywine Forge [802] Steel Shutter Dog - Soldier - Lag Mount - 6 1/2" H - Flat Black - Pair
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Product Details

  • Product Type:Shutter Stay
  • Manufacturer:Brandywine Forge
  • MPN:802
  • Style:Lag Mount
  • Metal:Steel
  • Size:6 1/2" H x 2" W, 1/2" Dia. x 4" Lag
  • Color:Flat Black
  • Finish:E-Coat
  • Use With:1 Window/2 Shutters

USA Made Functional Shutter Hold-Open

Hand-forged in historic Chester County, PA., by blacksmiths with decades of experience reproducing period shutter hardware in the manner of the originals.

  • Steel Shutter Dog - Lag Mount
  • Soldier Design
  • Steel, Flat Black with E-Coat for corrosion resistance
  • 6 1/2" H x 2" W, 1/2" Dia. x 4" Lag - Adjustable Projection
  • Sold As Pair - Good for 1 Window/2 Shutters
  • Fasteners included for installation

About The Design

The Soldier Shutter Tieback has it's roots in Colonial America. It, too, has any number of surviving examples, each as different as its maker. We associate this pattern with the southern states - we see more of them south of the Mason-Dixon than north.

The name came from one of C. S. Forester's novels wherein Captain Horatio Hornblower was pacing the streets of early 19th century London and noticed the shutter tiebacks "lined like a row of soldiers down the street".

Most items ship within 3-5 days. However, due to the handmade nature of this item, a 4-6 business week lead time may be required before shipment for orders requiring fabrication. We will clearly communicate any lead time requirements upon order processing or you may contact us for availability and estimated ship date.

What is E-Coat?

Electro-deposition coating is Brandywine Forge's preferred and standard exterior finish. It is an automotive industrial finish, used on under-car parts like alternator brackets and trailer hitches - metal pieces that are subjected to the harshest environments. It is much harder than a painted finish and is very corrosion-resistant. E-coating is a two-step process that results in two distinct layers of finish.

  • The metal parts are stripped of dirt, oil, and scale; then dipped into a liquid plastic; then baked until the plastic cures; then sprayed with powdercoat and baked again until it, too, has cured.
  • "Dipped in liquid" mean every surface of the hardware is covered and protected (eliminating the big problem with powdercoating).
  • The first layer of liquid plastic flows completely into the hinge barrels and into every fastener hole and cures to a 100% coating of the piece.
  • Powdercoat is then sprayed on for color and to add UV stabilization to the finish to minimize sun-fading. The result is a nice satin black finish.
  • It will accept sprayed rustoleum paints if you want to change the finished color of the hardware.

About Brandywine Forge

Brandywine Forge - USA Made Barn, Door & Shutter Hardware

American blacksmiths making the finest exterior barn, door & shutter hardware. Located in historic Chester County, PA., we're blacksmiths with decades of experience reproducing hardware in the manner of the originals.

Our hand forged hardware is inspired by the best original examples from American homes. All of our hardware is based on historic examples that have stood the test of time... we've seen what works, and we've seen a lot of hardware that has failed.

Brandywine Forge Hardware represents good value. Pick up any piece of Brandywine Forge hardware and the weight tells the story - for strength and durability there's no substitute for starting with heavy material. Rust isn't rustic so all of our hardware is protected with the same semi-gloss black automotive finish that's used to protect under-car parts like motor skid plates and trailer hitches.

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